SWOP Südwestdeutscher Online Publikationsserver

The Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ) at Konstanz is service provider for scientific and public libraries, archives and museums. It offers databases, portals, support, hosting and even more other services. As a competence center development and implementation of high level standards in cooperation with other similar competence centers and clients is vital part of our daily work. Our online repository contains official publications of the BSZ like charta, price sheet, protocols of our managemet board and its related committees the annual BSZ-Kompakt, flyers, the BSZ-Newsletter and our own regular ZKBW-Dialog presentations, articles and other publications. The BSZ manages since 1983 the central database of the south west german libraries (Südwestdeutschen Bibliotheksverbunds = SWB). You may find more technical information regarding our central database on our second repository Verbund-SWOP. On this second repository we do provide information about e.g. catalogisation, protocol implementions and conversion mappings and even more documentation about handling and integration of the central DB.

If you want to search for documents of the university, please choose the menu "Search" where you will find several search options. If you want to publish a document, please select the menu "Publish"; here you can submit your document to the publication server in just a few steps.